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Trading The Same With Golf??

If we look carefully the actual investment by the game of golf has some similarities. Really? If you do not believe it please read the article below.

1. Emotion.
Emotion is something that is inherent of a broker or trader. In trading you should be able to control yourself so that you avoid the danger of loss of profit

2. Learn from the Masters
A beginner golfer can learn from the master golfers like Tiger Woods. This is done to find out how to hold the golf club right. Similarly with beginner investors. But of course you can not learn with a Tiger Woods but you can learn by famous investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and George Soros.

3. Be Wary of Friendly Advice
Perform an examination of the validity of the claim. This is done to guard against your own friends. Because in this case can become a friend of the opposite.

4. Find a Good Caddy
If the word is often known golf caddy, the people who can serve us. So did the caddy found on trading. But the caddy found on trading it should have extra capacity, ie it must be able to give suggestions that are good for our business continuity

5. Watch for Red Flags
Like golf, the trades are also red flags. However, there is a red flag on the trading is not a sign to show where the holes are, but the red flag that meant in trading is a sign of danger.

6. Play the Percentages
Do trade is always a calculated, so that later on you do not feel some remorse for what you do.

7. There Are No Mulligans
As in the game of golf there are no second chances. Therefore you are required to formulate a good strategy. However, if you do not plan your strategy, a good idea to ask advice from an expert in the field.

8. Always practice
Tiger Woods can become a master golf because he often practiced. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for those traders who are beginners like me to practice more often, in order to become a master trader, or to simply become an expert in this field. hehehehehehe

9. Learn from Experience
Often times we hear that the failure is the best teacher that ever lived. This was also true in the game of golf as well as trading. If we take the point of view in the game of golf, the first improvement we do is how to hold the right stick, but the trading improvements we first do is how do we can formulate an appropriate strategy patterns in situations and conditions that we face .

10. Sophisticated Equipment Can't Guarantee Success
Any sophisticated golf equipment that we have will never guarantee our success in the golf game. Similarly, trading, any sophisticated equipment we use can not guarantee our success. So how can a little so that we guarantee to get a success? Once again I want to say to you to make the best possible strategy, because we'll never know what will happen later. And, this is a function of the strategy we have made earlier, namely to make a buffer to maintain our position.

This information can I give to you, and apologize if any mistakes the word, because I was a newbie

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