Kamis, 03 September 2009

Some of the reasons why many traders are using Technical Analysis

In a decision a trader must be able to learn very well the political situation and economic conditions that occur in a country, whether that happened in the past and is happening at this moment. This, is done to predict the movement of a currency.

However, in doing this is not as easy as reversing the palm of the hand, because to do so very necessary to a knowledge and experience in handling and analyzing of data in large quantities.

Therefore, many a trader who uses Technical Analysis in the conduct trading activities.

In considering technical analysis it is necessary to understand its three underlying principles:

1. Everything that happens in a country will cause a currency movements.

2. Currency prices always follow the trend that occurred in the currency markets. This we can know by looking at patterns that emerged in the market all the time.

3. Currency price not only follows a trend in terms of looking at historical market data, but will continue to follow this trend in the future.

So the information can I give to you, hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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