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Forex Fundamental Analysis

One strategy used by traders to make trading activities is to conduct a fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is an analysis that uses a current events, political and financial policy trends, and the overall economic movement. A trader usually use this technique when the trader wants to make a long-term trade. You should know the fundamental analysis there are two factors that can affect the movement or the underlying trend, these factors are economic factors and environmental conditions. In fundamental analysis, there are two subcategories, namely capital flows, and trade flows.

Tracking Balance of Payments
In this case we learn about the demand for currency during a certain period, usually known as the balance of payments. Net capital flows is the amount of currency bought or sold through investment, which can include a variety of investment whatsoever.
Trade Flows
The second step we need to do to do a fundamental analysis is to measure the flow of trade, imports and exports which occurred in a country and its impact on the value of its currency. In this case international trade has a major role in the forex market, since importers must sell the currency to buy foreign goods or services. This is one of the ways used to understand the changes in exchange rates, and to predict the condition of the currency.

Monitoring Global Events
As I tell before, that fundamental analysis is always affected by global events, and has a very significant impact on international investment. This can create a situation of political economy has become something very important in doing forex trading activities. Any change in the relationship between the governments of other countries may affect the price of any currency pair in the forex market. So, to make a profit in accordance with our desires, we must always follow the news that is happening at the moment.

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