Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

Forex Strategies

Selection strategies in Forex Trading is very important, because our strategy is determining decide our fate in the future. In the world of forex trading there are many types of commonly used strategies for trading, including hedging strategies, strategy intraday, swing trading strategy, scalping strategies, news trading strategies, etc.

At this time I wanted to share some of the right strategy to get good results. However, at the time of trade, there is the possibility that any system will succeed in the long run if not used in connection with a solid money management either.

Full hedge Carry trade
This strategy involves opening a trade with a positive carry and hedging it with a broker that does not charge the carry.

Risk free arbitrage with spread betting?
I found there is a risk free arbitrage between spread betting in British pounds and hedging the same position with a standard forex broker.

5 / 8 Cross over strategy
This is a very simple strategy that involves buying and selling currency pairs when the 5 exponential moving average crossed the 8 EMA.

Simple Trendline Strategy
This trading strategy involves using Trendlines as buy and sell signals.

This information can I give to you, hopefully this information useful.

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